I received an interesting EMail from Kenneth Spencer.

He attempted to send it in one of the pages "ABOUT OLD MEG" but it didn't accept it - sadly he didnt tell me which page so I cant find and cure the problem but never mind Eh !!

I am not sure where I can put it on the "ABOUT OLD MEG" pages - it doesnt relate to any of the pages about places on the site - on the introduction it explains that I decided arbitrarily to make the cut-off 1936 (that is why my brothers, sister and I are not included), so there is no place in the people pages that I could put it.
His story is to interesting to throw away, so it is here (there is a link to it on the "MEG PAGES" island !!


Hello Pete ... many years have passed eh?

I tried a couple of times to submit a memo for the About Meg site but it was abit fussy. Therefore I will send it here, (below) and you can no doubt knock it into a shape that'll be acceptable to the code behind your ASP pages. Here it is:

We Spencers moved to Meg in 1956. We were at 12 Alfred Avenue.
I was in Mrs Scholey's class for a year then went to Carre's.
I studied Diagnostic Radiography at the Lincolnshire School of Radiography.
With Brian Garill, and Pete's brother George we founded the the Fenlanders.
We were later joined by Dick Byers - I had to teach him a few piano chords for the Hohner Clavinet first!
I preferred the name "Megatones". Maybe we should have called the band "Byers Brothers"!
I played with the band during my time as a student. At one time we practised in that old Parker's Cinema.
When I qualified I went off to London. Got married (1968).
Went off to the Middle East.
Came back to London.
Became Principal of the School of Radiography in Bath (1971).
Had two children.
Did a Masters at the University of Wales (School of Medicine).
Became an assistant Director for Information of a Health Authority.
Left the NHS apart from some consultancy.
Started my own Independent Software House and IT Consultancy. Ran it for 18years.
Now more-or-less retired.
I still play guitars/piano/organ. See http://my-music.mine.nu and the Fenlanders page.
The house at 12 Alfred Avenue has expanded since I last saw it. That old Wash and Coal House on the left is now part of the main house. Why didn't we do that?
Yes, I still remember Meg! Playing in all that countryside!
Hey Tony (Gray) - do you remember that winter in 1962/63 with those 15ft snow drifts?
All the best, Ken.

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