Protect the recipient's EMail privacy
Look after sender and recipients Computer Safety and Security.
To understand how to do the job professionally and safely, you need to have some basic knowledge on how things work.

To do that you need to do some reading.

Sorry, it may seem like hard work
if you dont want to do it, thats OK - carry on doing it like you do now.
Please take my name and EMail address out of the Address Book on your computer.

I have got some Web Pages that I urge you to read.

The first one is
Read it and follow the links in it !

It will, amongst other places, lead you to
Again, read it and follow the links in it !

It will, amongst other places, lead you to
Again, read it and follow the links in it !

It will, amongst other places, lead you to
Again, read it and follow the links in it !

I do not expect you to blindly follow my advice
I do hope that you will make your choices based on knowledge and sound reasoning !!

To two or more folks
Look as though they have all been sent individually.
(which they will have been !!)
To proceed, you need to visit:-
  • If you are already a Standard Member, then Log On

  • If you are a List Member, you need to ask me to upgrade you to Standard Membership.

  • If you are not any sort of Member, you need to Subscribe - do this by:-
    • Open the "Subscribers" folder
    • Click on the words "Subscribe as a Standard Member"
    • The "Standard Membership" page appears in the Main Frame
      (bottom right portion of the Browser Window)
    • Complete the Registration Details and click on the buttom.

  • You need to be Logged On before you can begin the process of sending mail to mailing lists (mailing list are just List of recipients!!)

  • Next, you need to make a decision in order to pick the best direction to go forward in.

  • If your Mailing Lists are likely to be small (less than fifty addresses)
    not (more than fifty addresses)

Less that fifty recipients.
More that fifty recipients.
  • Open the "TextSafe" folder.

  • Open the "Small Mailing List" sub-folder.

  • It is recommended that you create two Mailing Lists:-
    • A short "Test List" with two or three addresses so that you can test that messages are arriving looking as you would want them to be.
    • The Real List

  • You can have as many or as few Mailing Lists as you want or need.

  • A Small Mailing list can contain fron one up to about fifty entries in it.

  • Play and try sending a few simple messages to your Test List, until you understand the system and can use it with confidence.

  • When you are confident about sending simple messages,
    Open the "Getting Cleverer" folder and add personalisation details to one or more of your mailing Lists.

  • Then try sending some "Personalised" messages. The simplicity will amaze you, and delight the recipients

  • Open the "TextSafe" folder.

  • You will see the words "TextSafe BigList"
    (marked with an "M" - to indicate it requires "Standard Membership"

  • Read and follow the instructions very carefully.

  • There are only three things required to send a message to a Mailing List of Recipients
    • A file on your PC containing the List;
    • A Subject for the message;
    • The body of the Message.

  • If you have a Small Mailing List held by TextSafe and you want it to be converted to a Mailing List file for holding on your PC, ask me and I will provide it very quickly.

  • You have a choice of three types of message that you can send using BigList, ranging from a very basic, simple one to a very sophisticated highly personalised professional set of messages

  • Click on the big letter "i"'s to help you to make your choice.

  • Lots of very successful MailShots have been made using BigList Personalised messages.
    If you want or need help and advice, please do not hesitate to ask.

    If you want help and assistance to run an efficient Mail Shot Campaign, plase ask.

  • You are most STRONGLY ADVISED to have a very small "test list" with only two or three EMail Addresses (at least one being you, yourself) to send the message to, to check that you have got it all correct, before you send it to the real list.

  • I usually put myself at the front and end of the Real List so that I get both of them and know that the whole list has been sent.

Messages sent using either
SmallLists or BigLists
all sent as individual messages.


Many recipients of Personalised EMails, cannot believe that they are just one of several folks in a Mailing List recieving the message

Now ain't that sweet and safe !!!.