Characters and Places from the past
.....memories of my youth !!

Here are some notes about the deveopment of the "ABOUT OLD MEG" Web Page.

Date Activity
8th March 2013 The Redsign and Relaunch was started !!
26th September 2008 The "Contribute for this Place" button now works !!
25th September 2006 It is hoped that this page will Compliment, Supplement and work with the brilliant MACLA website


It will also work with a Meg-Active website that I am developing.

The Speech pages on that site are no problem.
My Brothers and Sister are spread all over the UK - Northolt West London, Yarmouth Norfolk, Leeds in Yorkshire, Washinborough, Glasgow Scotland and Potterhanworth.

Using Skype (with Microphones) and Pamela we can sit at home in comfortable chairs, sipping a 'Cuppa' or something chatting as though we are in the same room just chatting.
Pamela will record it for free and we can put the Recording of our Chat on the Internet for other folk to share !!

Technologically Simple and costs next to nothing !!


The video recordings need either a VideoCamera or a WebCam with a Microphone.
All very simple !!

Brother George and me wanted to see if we could do a video chat with both of us visible on the screen at the same time !!

We decided to play !! We used Skype plus WebCam and Microphone + CamSoft and/or Windows Movie Maker (the WebCam and Micophone only cost somewhere around sixteen quid)

I put three of the attempts on line - you might like to look at them, they might make you smile.
they are at:
Number one
Number two
Number three

They are just short - NOT professional - just to prove the technology.

You need Broadband of course !!

25th September 2008 The "Add New Place" button now works !!
24th September 2008 Work has continued

The date when we launch it to the public, is rapidly coming nearer !!

12th September 2008 Brothers George, Dick and me met (in cyberspace using Skype and Mikogo) we agreed that George and Dick would remember and record information in the page

I would continue to develop the page and to record information as time permits.

10th September 2008 I spoke to my Brother George in Norfolk and got him to have a look at it.

To my great surprise he was Excited and Enthusiastic about it !

He thinks that lots of Folks will read and contribute to it !!

9th September 2008 I got my brain and body into gear and created the outline of the "ABOUT OLD MEG" WebPage.
I recognised that it would be a huge amount of Work !
I got a bit despondant because I thought no-one would be interested in it !!
7th September 2008 I sat thinking and talking about the way in which information (history, even) about old days was being lost.
It made me both Mad and Sad !!