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Full Name / Nickname
Dickie Parker
Date of Birth
Big house on High Street - opposite Nealds House
A Byers Brother (dont know which) said:

Owned paper shop (it also sold, repaired and hired out Wirelesses and
TVs) and next door cycle shop opposite the coop.

I think it is now a pizza shop??

Sons Noel and Vernon - daughters Roma and Rita

Ricky Harby said:

didnt Parker's Shop used to be where the Pizza Plus now stands. I can
remember going in there with me Grandad and Uncle to get air rifle
pellets and tubes and tyres for the bikes we had, Or was it called
something else ?.

Peter Byers replied:

Dickie Parker was the head of a very enterprising dynasty.

He owned two shops on the South East corner of the Junction of Fen
Lane and High Street.

The one on the corner itself (where Pizza Plus is now) went back into
one of the cottages on Fen Lane and used the upstairs room over the front

It sold Newspapers, Stationery and Miscellaneous Bits and Bobs in the front
(I remember Soaf (Sophia - I guess) Robinson being in charge of
selling the Lincolnshire Echo at teatime !)

Upstairs was a Radio and TV Shop repair room.

The back room displayed Domestic Electrical White Goods.

The second shop was next door (the other side of a passage) south on
High Street (where an Indian Restaurant was last time I was there).

It was the Bicycle Shop that sold anything and everything to do with Bikes.

The only other male employee that I can remember is/was Jacko (Johnson
- I think)