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Person details

Full Name / Nickname
Builder Bill Gillings
Date of Birth
Brother to Cyril. Lived with his family in a large bungelow to the
rear of the shop in the high street and two houses from the old
school. I think at one time there was a vet in the next door property
which was then next to the entrance leading to the old picture house
and church.

Rodney Garlant said

Bill Gillings was our Landlord, he owned the cottage in Drury Street
where we lived. He converted a row of cow sheds into a large concrete
block bungalow. I was great friend with Barry and Antony two of the
sons, there was an older third son called Karl. On a Saturday morning
I would call at the bungalow and we would watch a cowboy film on
television (Kit Carson I think).This was one of only about three
televisions in Metheringham at that time. Bill had a pink Ford Zephyr
car and he and Mrs Gillings spent of time at Ingoldmells where they
owned a caravan site. Part of the bungalow was given over to a snooker
room and I played snooker there for the first time.