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Person details

Full Name / Nickname
Claude Oliver
Date of Birth
Postmaster - was it Claude ??

Brother George Byers said

It was Claude and as well as postmaster he use to teach piano lessons.

Rodney Garlant said

Claude and Mrs Oliver lived in one of the red brick houses the other
side of the old chapel. Either Claude or possibly Mrs Oliver taught
piano. I was offered the chance to go for lessons with Roy Strawson
and Gony Wilson, I declined prefering to be outside playing sport (a
decision I was to bitterly regret in later life). Gony Wilson became
very accomplished and in later years the place to be on a Saturday
night was the Londesborough Arms where Gony played to a very
enthusiastic audience. As a youngster I was friends with Hilary Oliver
and in my teenage years became very friendly with Ted Oliver mainly
through football. In later years Claude and Mrs Oliver took over the
running of Metheringham Post Office.