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Slam Wright
Date of Birth
Walnut Tree - near Dr Wrights - was it 'Slam Wright' ?

Rodney Garlant said

Miss Wright, known as 'Slam' because the name of her house was Salaam,
was a good friend of my family, living just around the corner at the
entrance to the old doctors' surgery on Church Walk. She would often
pop in to our house and would sometimes have meals with us. In turn we
would occassionally visit her and I remember going to her house one
christmas for a meal. I was probably about ten at the time but was
allowed one glass of port (Pilgrims). I have loved port ever since and
still enjoy it even to this day. Miss Wright had a very domineering
personality, she held strong opinions and was not afraid to air them,
which sometimes made her very unpopular. She was a staunch
church-goer, having close connections with Metheringham church all her
life. In later years she took in a companion, her name was Miss Levesley.