Characters and Places from the past
.....memories of my youth !!



Person details

Full Name / Nickname
John Butters
Date of Birth
Mill Lane
(in the house next to Townsends Shop)
Townsends Hardware Store Manager

He wrote a Book about old Meg - it is now well out of Print
There is apparently a copy in the Public Library in Meg
Another in the Library in Free School Lane in Lincoln

Where all the other copies are, I know not
I think that I would be interested to buy one if ever came on to the
market !!

I think that John and his wife Jenny had some children.

The only one that comes to mind is Peter who now lives in the antipodes.

Im am sure that other folk will add details of the other children.

Brother Dick says that the Sister was also called Jenny

John Stephenson said

You are quiet right. Jennifer (nee) Butters is still in contact with
my sister Ruth (formerly known as Glenys) who now lives in ScopwickI
believe Jennifer lives somewhere in Wiltshire and Peter is in West Australia
I am fortunate enough to have a copy The book you mention.
Whether it is OK to photocopy it I am not sure but if you can check
and if it is O K let me know and I will send you a copy.

(Thank you John but I alredy have a copy)