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Full Name / Nickname
Fred Townsend
Date of Birth
Mill Lane
Rich Hardware Shopkeeper

Younger folks and Newcomers would think that 'Townsends Shop' was the
Red Brick building at the top of Fen Lane (where the Post Office and
Co-op Phamacist are now).
Well, they would be correct, but I have in mind a shop before that.
It was on Mill Lane below Hutley's house.

Fred was a truly 'Big Businessman' - he was the Townsend in the
'Fenton Towsend' tractor shop in Sleaford.

He was the first man that was a true Philanthropist that I know !!

He gave the Bowling Green to the village
He gave the Reading Room to the village
I have a vague recollection that he even Endowed a Trust to
pay for the upkeep of the building !!

He really owned a large lump of the Land and property in the centre of
Meg - from Lincoln Lane to Mill lane !!

(ByTheWay, the Reading Room was what you now know as the Village Hall !!)

John Butters (mentioned elsewhere in here) was the Manager of the Mill
Lane Hardware store.