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Spring Field
Field that was bordered by Station Road (opposite the Council Houses),
the stream that runs parallel to Manor Road which starts at the Spring
in the corner, the back of buildings on Drury Street and the High
Street as it runs from Middle Street to Station Road.

I believe that it was a Medeival Strip field - each strip was farmed a
'villager in good standing'

Each villager was allocated a set number of strips in each field
(traditionally about thirty) which they would subsistence farm. The
strips were generally allocated by lot in a public meeting at the
start of the year. The individual holdings were widely scattered, so
that no single farmer would end up with all the good or bad land.
Ploughing techniques usually used ridge and furrow cultivation to
prepare the land for drainage and planting.

More details can be found on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_field_system

It is now covered by the "Londesborough Way" estate.

When it was wet and in Winter, the "troughs" between the Strips became waterlogged.

Brothers George and Dick can remember people Skating on the Ice when
the water in the "troughs" between the Strips froze - I cannot
remember it but I am sure that they are correct !!

I was by chance looking at a map in MACLA www.macla.co.uk/images/48meg.jpg

I saw a "moat" in Spring Field - looks like I was told wrong
information when I was a child.

No way would I presume to argue with the Ordnance Survey !!

Roy Andrews said

The Spring field as you call it. I always thought it was The HALLGARTH
FIELD. Or more like the halgat field to the locals.


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