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Kirk's Passage
The archway across the road from Andrews Butchers,

The name comes from the two sisters that lived in the house with the
archway, Miss Kirks.

There was a row of five stone cotages, one up one down, with their
toilets across an open area called the square,
The water for the cotages came from a tap just through the archway, In
the form of a lion.

Some of the families that had lived there, Moody, Smith, North,
Nicholson, Sewell, Bently and Byers.

Ricky Harby asked

Would the two sisters who lived there by any chance been called Emma
and Ada Kirk

Peter Byers replied

I dont know, but maybe someone else will.

To young respectfull me, they were only known as "Miss Kirk" - nice
ladies - kept themselves to themselves !!


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