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Station Hotel
Was owned by Cyril Gillings.

At the front of the Hotel (I think it was really only a Pub, I do not
remember it doing accommodation) there was a row of two or three petrol

At the Left of the premises (backing on to what is now Andrews
garages) were two wooden building (or huts) - Brother George thinks
one of them was an Hairdressers shop - but I cannot confirm or deny that

Cyril Gillings moved away to a bungalow and his new Petrol Filling Station.

The Pumps were removed when the new Petrol Filling Station opened.

It was renamed to be "The Poacher".

Later still it was renamed to be "The Scarf and Goggles".

Roy Andrews said

One of the wooden sheds was a Barbers shop, and the Barber was Fred
Ellis.Poor old Fred had a club foot but it did`nt seem to bother him.

Rodney Garlant said

One thing I reall, as a very young lad, was going to the living
quarters of the Station Hotel to pay our dues into the Sick and
Dividing Club.
You paid a small weeekly contribution and if you fell on hard times
you could claim help from the club.
I think jack Smith and Dick Rush may of had something to do with the collections.


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