Some years ago, I created a web site called

It started out life by just allowing subscribers to save text on the site safely encrypted.

As you will see if you look at the Main Menu page, it just "growed like topsy"

Originally (as well as encrypted text files), the data on the site was all held in dBase tables (they are mighty good     )

Now the are XML and even Access tables.

One of the main uses for the site is sending EMails.

Just recently, a new feature was added, we called it BigList, I really don't know why because the lists do NOT need to be big anywhere from one upwards.

Since its implementation, the world has gone a bit mad - lots of folk are using it. The general consensous is that once you have got the hang of it, it is really simple to use.

When you use the "Personalized" option, the recipients do not realise that they have got it from a mailshot!!

If you want to see a demo page, you can do so by pointing to and clicking here. When you get there, click on the three i's in turn.

If you are interested in what you see, Subscribe to (free) / Sign into and try it - try each of the tree types in turn !!