It seems to me that there are many businesses out in the big wide world that are struggling to keep going.
In the main, the folks that are running the business are very competent at running the business that has run satisfactorily for years.
Those folks are not, and dont want to be 'Internet Geeks' or 'Techies'.
They are manfully struggling to work in as world where their clients are adopting a different, new style and manner of doing business.
It is lonely and frigtening and seems complicated to do business making use of the Internet.

In my opinion, it does not need to be complicated or frightening, the folks running the businesses do not need to be 'Internet Geeks' or 'Techies'.
I also believe that the World-Wide-Web can be used to successfully enhance large numbers of businesses.

Lots of folks will think that I am advocation that every-one leaps into Online Shops, Online Booking systems.
Well, I am not. That is jumping in at the deep end, going too far too fast for most people.
Start simple ! Move as fast as you feel necessary or comfortable with, but Start Simple.

The following pages are an attempt to explain simply a simple way forward.
There are very few reasons why benefits should not be seen in a very few weeks.

You may be thinking that this will cost an 'arm-and-a-leg'.
An 'arm-and-a-leg' is a relative term, If you have no spare cash then twenty pound is an 'arm-and-a-leg'.
Ball park figures that I have in mind a maximum start-up cost of 500-00 and a running cost of no more than 1-50 per day.

Those figures do not include the cost of staff time to set-up and run the tools provided by the Internet.
If your answer is "I dont have the time to invest in this extra work, I am too busy doing my real job" please dont bother to read any further. It will not work for you.

If you are interested in learning about a way that I can see you moving forward, point to and click here.