I read today an article in a magazine that boldly stated
"Every business relies on IT these days . . . "

IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology
Information Technology can mean any technology for processing Information

It could therefore include:-

However, it is generally thought to relate just to computers and their peripherals.
For the purpose of this discussion, I am going to mean Computers and Stuff !!

Well I have taken it a bit out of context, but I can say with total certainty that
"NOT every business relies on IT . . . . "

I wish that I could believe and say that
"Every business SHOULD rely on IT these days . . . "
But I really cant say that, the best that I can do at this moment in time is
"ALMOST every business SHOULD rely on IT these days . . . "

Probably a better statement would be
"Every business, that can see a benefit from it, SHOULD rely on IT these days . . . "