It seems to me that there are three main questions or subjects that need to be covered. They are:-

This page deals with the first point, the others are covered on later pages.

How can the internet or World-Wide-Web help ?

The way to deal with this is a series of Questions and Answers. Some of the Questions and Answers may not be relevant to your Organisation, but please read them anyway, it will help to put the World-Wide-Web clearly in your mind.


Q: Do you send and recieve physical mails (by Royal Mail in the UK for example) ?
A: Electronic Mail, known as EMail, is much less expensive and much quicker. It allows transactions to happen quicker. There is no time taken to do physical filing of correspondence (unless you want to, of course !!). Less filing cabinets.

It is not unusual to exchange six EMails in less than that number of hours - rather than twice that number of days.

The improvements in the outcomes are quite phenominal with 'Mail Shot Campaigns'.

If you cann write letters, put them in envelopes, stick stamps on the envelopes and post them - then using EMail will be easy for you.


Q: Do you send and recieve Telephone Calls ?
A: It is possible to make telephone calls over the Internet. It is a service known as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Calls to other Organisations or People also using VOIP are free.
Calls to 'Normal' telephones are dramatically inexpensive - something like a Local Call at the destination number.
Dramatic Reductions to your telephone Bill

The service that I use is called Skype - I cant recommend it too highly.
It is possibe to Download and have it up and working within five minutes. is the place to get it from.
It is FREE - I commend it to you, give it a try !!


Q: Do you publish literature about your business ??
A: A Web Site can be used to hold and provide literature for you.


Q: Do you accept or send orders over the telephone, or do Mail Order Business
A: Electronic Shopping / Booking is easily possible over the Internet


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