Just some JavaScript code to look after your children

Joe Coppola asked

Ok I am using a form to open a new window using 
the WINDOW.OPEN.  To display search results.   
    Which the th user clicks on a result which
displays the proper page back in the Opener window.

Now if the user goes back and does a new search 
(and doesn't close the results window) The results 
display in the new window but the window doesn't 
come to the front.  Is there a way to make this 
window become active again with the WINDOW.OPEN.


Suresh Gadigi replied

Get the new window object's reference and call 
focus() method.

var oWinObj = window.open("child.htm",null,


so I created the following example

When you have created the child and hidden it

Look at the source for this page to see how it all works.

This should have given you some ideas about the wonders of JaveScript    !!

And then - just to show off, I changed the script of the child window,
The <BODY> tag was changed to:-

<body onUnload="top.window.opener.ChildAlert();">

to send a message back to the parent window that the child has gone !!