Below, I have shown a letter that I wrote to Cliveden and handed in on my arrival. It seems to be self explanitary to me.

The question is "how many Hotels would accept such a letter, never mind try to satisfy it??" - Cliveden did both.

I have also written a page that goes through the letter step by step. However, that is between Cliveden and me - not for general publication !!

9O'Clock (ish) Tuesday 7th January 2003



When I got up this morning, I realised with excitement and joy because today was the day, the first in what seems like an eternity, that I was going to spend a night in my beloved Cliveden. All the thoughts of what I would do and how I will enjoy myself were going around in my mind. I thought "it will take an hour to tell then all of this" So I sat down at my computer and enjoyed a while one finger typing all of my thoughts. Maybe it is presumptuous, but that is me - hehehehe !! If I do not say what I would like, the chances of me getting it are very small and remote. So please forgive the ramblings of an eccentric.

How will I spend my time ?

Eating, Drinking, Talking, Listening, Observing, Reading, Pressing some buttons, Soaking in the Hot Tub, Visiting the Steam Room, Using the Cold Plunge, Walking around the Estate (maybe), Saying a "face to face"hello to "Mark Downstairs (I hope) and who knows what else !! A veritable cornucopia of joy. .

Matters Culinary?

These are just thoughts, they are notfirm and formal instructions, much more a basis for debate. Being a diabetic, Tuesdays are the day that I measure my Blood Sugar Level - today it is very low, a real good start to such an auspicious day !!


On arrival - Strong English Breakfast Tea, Skimmed Milk, Thickly Sliced, Well Done (not burned or charred) Wholemeal Toast dripping in Butter - served in the Hall.


Lunch - at or about Quarter past One in the Hall, either

A plate of Sausage Rolls


A plate of Goujons of Corned Beef (when Michael Chaloner bought Corned Beef for me a couple of weeks ago, he got a few extra tins - I don't know if they are in the kitchen or if he "squirrelled" them in his office !)

I will eat them with my fingers

To be served with a Jug containing One and a Half pint of Pinacolado and a large Goblet.


I may have a guest join me for High Tea (at about Four O'Clock) - I have in my mind a little old fashioned English Tea Shop, being server "High Tea". I am in your hands, please do what you think is appropriate


Dinner - at Quarter Past Eight

Hot Crispy, Crunchy, Savoury (not overly spicy) Canapes served in the Hall.

I will go into the Terrace Dining Room when the wine, mentioned later, a Jug of Cliveden Tap with Ice, Very Crispy Wholemeal Melba Toast and Low Fat Spread are on the table

Thick Soup, with Lardons of Bacon and lots of Quarter Inch crunchy, crunchy croutons.

A Grand Ommelette, no trimmings, garnish or decorations

If available a small Pear Sorbet to clear my palate (in the "Olden Days" it used to be served in a Double Glass dish with Ice inbetween the glasses - if there is no one old enough to remember what I am talking about, you may care to call either John Hanna or Ron Maxfield. I know that they are not part of the vonEssen group, but I remember a few years ago, Cliveden telephoned an Hotel in Florida to find out how Pinacolado should be made - they were not part of the Cliveden Group !!)

Kromeski, Chips (not scrawny French Fries) and Thickish Onion Gravy. If you do not know about Kromeski's - if you have a "Scoucer" in the brigade, he or she will be able to tell you. If not, I put the results of an internet search at have a look at there if you need to.

Either Crepes Suzzette, produced at the table


Two Dollops of Vanilla Ice Cream with no garnish or decoration

All of the above to be accompanied by a bottle of sweet, sweet pudding wine.

In the Hall - My Port, Strong English Breakfast Tea, Glass of Iced Water - with a plate containing Leicester Cheese, Biscuits, Butter and a sliced sweet desert apple.

All of the above courses to be served at a gentle leisurely pace please


I cannot predict what I will be able to eat for breakfast, small or huge (chuckle) but in either event, I would love two large flat mushrooms slowly sauteed in butter. It has been known for me to go out on the estate and bring back mushrooms - but not tomorrow I fear - hehehehe.

On Arrival

Three bottles of Diet coke and an electrical Extension Lead in the room. Unpack my suit and suitcase please. If you think it is necessary, run an iron over suit and shirt.

Thank you so very much

Peter Byers