If you want a Bank (or many other Businesses) to open an Account for you, you would expect then to ask for your Name and Address.

If you told them

Mr Michael Mouse
4793 Disney Towers
My Town
My Country

you would not be surprised when they declined to do business with you - because it is patently obvious that it is not a real Name and address.


If you subscribe to a WebSite, and that site allows you to publish things on that WebSite, the owner of the site is Legally responsible for the content of your publications.

If you publish stuff for which you do not hold the copyright, or is illegal, or is offensive, the owner of the site can remove the offending contentand revoke your subscription.

If they are lucky, that would be the end of the matter.
the offended party may decide to take legal action against the site owner. In that case, they would want to make the Subscriber 'jointly and severally' responsible.

To establish contact via the Email address, the owner of the EMail Address domain would be approached for the Real-Life Name and Address associated with the EMail Address of the subscriber.


Well some Email Address providers do not even ask for Real-Life Name and Address, much less check them for validity.
I know some of the "dont-care" EMail Domains and I will not be prepared to accept such address.


Sorry if you do not like it or if in-conveniences you - BUT - that is the way it is !!