I was arranging to visit some friends in Yorkshire (a little village called Fitzwilliam) and I thought where can I sleep - and I want to eat !! ??

After wandering around wondering, my brain slowly ground int0 action and I remembered that I had created a site on the internet especially for that purpose.It is called www.ibrus.com.

Because I knew about the site, I went directly to the page in which I could ask the question and typed my friends Post Code and selected the distance of 5 miles. The page to do that is www.ibrus.com/conhot11.htm. I also could have looked for the name of Fitzwilliam by going to the page called www.ibrus.com/findplac.htm (remember the 5 miles).

To show how much I loved the place, I added a teeny bit of information to give the place an "i" - try clicking on it for more info !! Maybe the owners of the Hotel will add even more information, for your benefit.

Just to give you another couple of places for you to get into the system, there are a couple more links shown below