The Transaction Data is now on the BackUp Server. We have a copy of the Main DataBases on the BackUp Server. All we have to do now is to update them !!

I have a permanently running (and sleeping when there is nothing to do) VBS file that looks for 'Complete Data Transaction' sets and applies them to the copy Databases.

Hopefully these pages and story have given you some ideas or a concept that you can adapt for your systems and programming language - if and where it is appropriate.

Any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer them.
Any thoughts or suggestions, please do tell me.

In the past, I have written such stories on one web page. One of the readers printed one out on paper - the paper was over fifty foot long. This time, Im using several pages to make it easier for readers to deal with. This page is just an Introduction to set the scene.

An index and links to the other pages is given below.