There were a pair of young brothers in the town, who were always getting into trouble. If something happened, they were usually behind it. One day the school caught on fire. The boy's father fearing the worse decided that the older boy should get some higher guidance, so he sent him to the local parish priest for a talking-to.

When he arrived in the priest's office, the priest sat him down, thought for a minute on how to tackle this problem, and then said to the boy, "Where is God". The boy was scared, and sat there without answering. So the priest asked again, this time a little louder, "Where Is God". Still no answer. So the priest steamed up his voice even more and said, "WHERE IS GOD". Scared to death, the young boy jumped up, and ran home.

He headed straight for his room and started packing his suitcase. His younger brother came in and asked him why he was packing the suitcase. And he answered, "You had better pack your suitcase too. I just came from the priest. They seem to have lost God, and I think they are going to blame us".

With grateful thanks to Tom Arnold