My brother George and I were talking about Landlords of the four Pubs in Meg

Who they were and when they came and went !!

We knew some of the names but not when they came and went.

I asked in Macla at

When the answers started to come in, I thought that I would publish them in here 'coz I can update them easier here.

Thanks to Rodney Garlant, Roy Andrews and Roger Brook for providing information !!
Thanks also to Ricky Harby for the 1901 Census information.


Londesborough Arms
Landlord From To
Jane Quincy on the 1901 Census
Fred Quincy ???? ????
Archie Atkin ???? ????
Ron Pearson ???? ????
Norman Raicher ???? ????
Ron Bentley ???? ????
Don and May Price ???? ????


Station Hotel / Lincolnshire Poacher / Scarfe and Goggles
Landlord From To
William and Annie Hicks on the 1901 Census
Walter Richardson Kellys 1930
Eric Gillings Kellys 1933
Rodney Garlant remembers Cyril Gilling moving in
So there must have been someone before him
???? ????
Cyril Gillings ???? ????
Terry and Sue Gilpin ???? ????


White Hart
Landlord From To
Sarah Bell on the 1901 Census
J F Yeates Kellys 1930
Frank Smith Kellys 1933
George(????) Askew ???? ????
Lewis Rippon ???? ????
Ena and Hugh Marshall ???? 1973
Roger Brook 1973 1983
Chris (the mad Scousers) 1983 ????
Keith Parker ???? to present date


Star and Garter
Landlord From To
George and Frances Starr (or Storr) on the 1901 Census
Ernest James Kellys 1930
Florence L Bools Kellys 1933
???? Stevenson ???? ????
Archie Burgin ???? ????
George and Grace Leaning ???? ????
???? and Margaret???? Kristian ???? ????
Butch and Margaret ???? ???? to present date