First, HUMOUR - a cartoon drawn by Richard at

Next, some very very serious stuff !!

You will have been told, I am sure, not to put things containing your Name, Address and Personal Details out with the rubbish.

If you do, you run the risk of nasty folks sealing (or borrowing) your identity. An increase in Junk Mail coming through your letter box can also result.

Why then would you let your Name and Address be found wandering in Cyberspace ???

In some EMails that I have received, I have seen the following lines:-


I have altered the EMail Addresses - but they were Real Names and Addresses

There are similar lists in many other EMails that I have received.

The consequences of such contents are Junk EMails (on computers, they are known as Spam EMails)

Spam EMails can be much worse that just Junk !! They may contain Viruses, Trojans or Spies !! THAT IS SERIOUS !!

Even if you do not care about potentially compromising your own computer, you should think of the consequences for the other Unsuspecting Folks whose Names and Addresses you have happily published !!!

Please pass the address of this Web Page to other folks that you think might be interested.

In the next week or so, I will add information about how to understand and avoid the problem to this page.