A question was recieved as a result of the Pictures page.

Dear Peter
Thanks for the info. I have this problem - friends send enormous pics.
I don't send pics as I can't find a way of reducing them .
Still can't after reading your letter. Please explain in words of two 
syllables where I can find the info in Microsoft XP pictures which are 
in JPG format, so that I can reduce the pictures I want to send. 
Many thanks 

There is no doubt that other folks have the same problem !!

I am not sure if I can keep to 'two syllables' - BUT - I will keep it as simple as I can

As requested, the answer relates to Microsoft XP

First, open Windows Explorer

If your Window looks different to the one above,

If you do not have a "Size" column, there are two ways (at least) that you can find the size.


That shows you the size !!

The second way is to

You can now see the information about sizes.

That has answered the question asked.

I can predict that the next question could be "How do I resize"

There are lots of programs that will do it for you.

I use something called 'Paint Shop Pro'
Lots of folks will not have a program to do the re-sizing
A quick Wiz through a possible process follows

When you have downloaded it (it will be 'iview398.exe'),

When the Installation is complete, you will see two new Icons on your desktop.

Thats it , I think (well I hope).
If you have questions - ask them !!