I got a second letter from a boyhood friend that I have not seen for years.

Following the gratifying success of the Football Club Dinner WebPage, I will publish pages containing the two photos that he mentions as soon as I get a few moments to add numbers and create the pages.

The Reading Room picture is here at ReadingRoom.asp.

The Star and Garter picture is here at StarAndGarter.asp.

I hope that Ricky Harby finds his comments interesting - I am wondering if I should add an entry for Mr Harby Senior in the OldMeg WebPage ??

Dear Peter
Thank you for the very interesting chat during your telephone call last saturday evening.  As discussed I am attaching to this e-mail two photographs, probably dated around the late 1940's. I believe one was taken in the Reading Room on the occasion of a Star And Garter darts dinner, unfortunately the photograph has bad fading in the top right hand quarter. The second shows a small group stood around the bar of the Star And Garter Hotel.. Reading from the left the people I recognise are -  (2nd) Basil Briggs (a friend  and workmate of my father) - (6th) Archie Burgin (Landlord) - (9th) Ron Garlant (my father)  - 11th Charles Nicholson (your grandfather) - (12th) Joe Gray. Can you identify anyone else on this photograph?

On a different subject, whilst reading the contribution from Ricky Harby I noticed he commented that he was somehow related to Billy Garton. That started me thinking and I seem to recall that as a small boy my mother and I used to visit a family called Harby. I cannot remember exactly where they lived but I have a feeling it was on Mill Lane, possibly opposite what is now the Vet's. Again, as far as I can remember there was a Mr and Mrs Harby, three sons Fred, Walt and Polly and possibly a daughter called Elsie. As my family were friends of Billy Garton's mother and father a link appears to be developing. I wonder if Ricky is related to the same Harby family mentioned above. If he still logs on to the site perhaps he could let us know!
I will be in touch again shortly Peter, in the meantime I hope more people get involved with Old Meg project, it would be great to hear their stories.
Kind regards

Thank you Rodney

Ricky Harby replied

Hi Peter and Rodney

Yes I am related to the Harby family from Mill Lane/Princess Street. The Harby family that Rodney mentioned are my dads brothers and sisters. The connection between the Harby's and the Garton's, is that my dad married Billy Garton's sister Hazel. My dads name was Lawrence Harby. His parents were Charles and Mary Harby who are buried in the cemetry at Metheringham.


Thank you Ricky