Some time ago, in May 2002 to be precise, I wrote a page about SVG. If you have never heard of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), it might be worth your while to Click here and read it before you continue.

The reason for writing a new page on the subject is because recently I have been using it to produce some really great products. Also, there is a much wider group of internet users that can display .SVG pages.

If you use Internet Explorer Version 6, I believe that the SVG Plug-In is included.

You can find out if it is installed by Clicking here.

If it is not, then you have two choices:-

The Plug-In can be found at

The installation is very simple - but if you need instruction, they are simple:-

Installing Adobe SVG Viewer
1. Double-click the downloaded installer.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
3. If you are not using Internet Exporer for Windows, then you will need to restart your browser before viewing SVG.

Because of Commercial Confidentiality agreements, I cannot show you the best examples of my work
I will show you some of the simple things that can be done !!

I needed an SVG version of the Simple Software Tools logo -
It took Ten minutes to create
click here to see it.
It is Scalable and re-useable as you will see later !!

Then I saw
braking.svg. Sadly I cannot remember where I got it from, otherwise I would give the author credit!!

You may be able to guess where I go next - hehehehe
moving-logo-2.svg. Simple, I know, but simple things please me !!

The newsgroups on SVG are loaded with questions about Zooming. Well, I found an SVG page that is a copperplate demo of how it can be done - please try it - it is brilliant.

As well as zooming in and out, do try selecting a section of the picture with the mouse.

Now back to very simple

If you want to pursue it further, the Links below may be of interest to you.
SVG Demos.
SVG Tips and Tutorials at
Drag and Drop.
Learning How to Code Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Free SVG Scripts - - Free SVG Source Code.

It is hoped that you find the contents of this page interesting and useful.