Graeme Cooper, Secretary of the Guild of Battlefield Guides, asked me for a Mission Statement for the TCBIA Web Site. It seems to me a proper, honourable and sensible request.

Sadly, to prepare a Mission Statement, there has to be a Mission and there is nothing about TCBIA that I can describe as a Mission.

Instead, I have tried here to give an explanation of what the Web Site is about.

Imagine if you will that I have got a fully equipped Library Building that I do not have any use for. Then go on and imagine that I am offering it to the Guild of Battlefield Guides if they want it.

The offer is, if they want it, they take it and operate and manage it.

There will undoubtedly be cosmetic things that they do not like about it - for example, the colour of the walls, the type and colour of the curtains. Well, if and when they accept the building, they can change all of these things.

There is a catch of course (there always is !!!) - I have not got much stuff in the way books, videos, DVDs, Newspapers etc to put in the building. If it is to work, members of the Guild and the Public at Large need to contribute stuff to the cause.

Without such contributions, the building would be useless. If the Guild cannot guarantee to provide such contributions, I would strongly advise them not to accept the offer.

My vision was that the place would become a World Leading place to store and find Information about Conflict all over the World and for any period of time. There is plenty of inexpensive land to extend the building if necessary. It seemed to me that this could provide a vehicle to keep the Guild (and its Members) in the eyes of the world and extend the area in which it holds the respect of folks interested in conflict and battles.

Only time will tell !!

Enough of the introduction and dreams. Let me now describe the bulding.

It is circular, in the centre is a circular Atriun (more about that later) and around it are several rooms. Each room is dedicated to a different type of stuff.

The rooms are described below:-

You we see that there is a veritable cornucopia of places here.

Every Posting must have at least one KeyWord associated with it and in the huge Round Atrium in the centre of the Building, there are a couple of places that you can go with a keyword and be directed to the Posting that contains the KeyWord that you have given.

You will have seen that TCBIA is a very big place. It would be very easy to get lost. We have spent a lot of time designing a system to help you to find your way around it.

Below is a picture of the Navigation Frame for the site.

It is known as an Explorer Tree Structure. If you do not know anything about using such a Navigation, you might like to go into the site and Point to and Click on the words "HOW TO use the Navigation" - this will take you to a five minute "Teach yourself about Explorer Navigation"

Put very simply, you can click on the words in the Frame and/or click on the Plus and Minus signs in the tiny boxes on the left of the Frame.

If you simply want to look, either Point to and Click on the words "See what is new" (in red)
Point to and Click on the Plus sign to the left of the words "Looking at Postings for Information" and see the folder open up and showing you the all of the entrances to the rooms described above.

If you want to understand the site more fully (and maybe even contribute one or more postings), it really would make sense for you to read the introductory booklet.

To do this, you should go into the site and click on and read the following pages (they are shown at the top of the Navigation Frame !!)

I hope that you have found this useful, interesting and helpful. Your thought, comments and questions will be welcomed.