John Creed asked a question
Hello All,
I have a web page that has a thumbnail image. What I want to do is have an onclick routine that will open another web page and set the image source based on a param in the onclick routine from the calling web page.

In other words, I have a template webpage that has a bannertext, pageimage and returnimage. The pageimage is named "pageimage". I will use this template web page to show all full images of the thumbnails.

I am thinking that the onclick handler would call a function with the imageName to be displayed.

In the function though, I can't figure out how to open a webpage and pass the image name to a function in that page that will then set the image source.

I hope I am making sense :-)

Thanks in advance as always.
John L. Creed

I did a bit of work and replied

Hi John,
 Have a look at:-

 Click on "View" then "Source" and use whatever is of use.

 The selection could be Anchor "A" Tags
 Drop Down "Select" lists

 But this has demonstrated that you can do what you said you wanted to do.

Hope This Helps

Pete (Northolt UK)