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I was drug up in Meg !!

Meg is the name by which locals know the Lincolnshire village of Metheringham. I confess that as I go through life my opinions vary, cycling between thinking that it is a lovely place and that it is nowt special.

However, I am sure that it is worth a visit. Either a real one or a virtual one.

A virtual visit to Meg

I really do recommend that you follow all of the links - honest     !!


A map


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For your real visit, you might want to stay in the village. I believe that the Star and Garter and the Poacher pubs can provide beds for you. You might want to wander around the countryside - there are lots of interesting places. There are three "towns" that you may find interesting, Lincoln (alright, I know it is a City !!), Sleaford and Woodhall Spa. Lincolnshire folk don't tend to talk to stranger quite as freely as Yorshire folk, but once you have broken the ice you will find that they are lovely folk. I guess that they may be naturally shy. Well that's my opinion anyway.........
You could set yourself a background task on you visit - find the answers to all of the questions on this page - hehehehe.

I started at the Green Man Inn then to Kirks Passage then to Lime Tree Av.

Had a very undistinguished education at Meg Primary then Carre's (in Sleaford)

Picked spuds for Georgie Flint - and did other farm work as a kid

Did some bush beating for Smiths Crisps.

I am a Gemini born in 1941


If any readers think that they know all about old Meg, try answering some questions


I could ramble on for hours telling stories of old Meg - but I am not going to, don't worry. Just three paragraphs leading to questions. (use the box below to send me your answers.

I often used to walk along the railway lines when I got home from school - for what purpose ?

Between the Green Man and the raiway line there was a short terrace of cottages. I have an abiding memory of them being demolished by Builder Gillings. The picture in my mind is of one of the Gillings staff (that had a hook instead of a hand) standing on the bridge road holding a rope tied to the chimney - what was the name of that man ?

When I had moved down to live in Wembley, my brother Ian bought his friend Wiz (Wyles - I think) to visit me. There was a friend with me and Wiz had jus made four mugs of tea. He bought them out of the kitchen into the living room. I said "Wiz - if you put them on that table I will kill you" (they were very very hot and would have marked the table). Wiz said "ytweantot". My friend looked baffled, Ian and I understood perfectly. It translates into a five word question - what are the five words.

When you have read this, you may care to have a look at a follow-up page created in the early weeks of 2005.
Click here to see it !!