I am involved with a number of small businesses that keep data relating to their business on Web Servers. That is to say that they hold information relating to and important to their business on Internet Servers at ISP's (Internet Service Providers) premises.

If there are problems getting at the information, or with its security, their business ( and livelyhood) is seriously at risk.

This means that availibility and security of their data matters.

I know of some Web Sites where the data is held in huge 'Flat Files'. That may be appropriate for their type of business. However more and more the clever folks hold the information in Databases. So how can the safety and uptodateness of that data be protected and assured ??

Well there are some techniques called 'Mirroring' and 'AutoFailSwitchOver'. There is a fair amount of software out there to do it. Sadly, the number of Pounds or Dollars needed to set-up such a service look like Telephone Numbers - big to enormous !! Well out of the range of a small business.

Also you should try saying to an ISP "please could you set-up and provide me with a 'Mirroring' and 'AutoFailSwitchOver' service" - and watch their eyes glaze over and listen to them start to waffle and start back-pedaling !! - AND - if I were an ISP, I would do the same.

So, how can the small Business be protected ??

Well, I walked around thinking about it. Then I got it clear in my head. I spent about getting a working prototype. It has now been developed into a slick transportable set of script.

I now intend to tell you the story of how I got to the working prototype.

In the past, I have written such stories on one web page. One of the readers printed one out on paper - the paper was over fifty foot long. This time, Im using several pages to make it easier for readers to deal with. This page is just an Introduction to set the scene.

An index and links to the other pages is given below.