I have WebSites that have been attacked.

I have WebSites on which attempts have been made to damage the data.

I have helped friends to sort out their WebSites that have been damaged.


A decision has been made !!

I have used my knowledge (as much as there is - hehehehe) and experience to develop an approach that helps to give some protection to WebSites and their data.

A demonstration model has been produced - it is described on this and subsequent pages.

Hopefully it may be useful to its readers. If any thoughts occur that would improve it, please let me know and I will do my best to incorporate them !!



For the purposes of this exercise, I propose to divide WebPages into two type.

Those that do not (allow or require the user to enter or select data) are basically not vulnerable to the the basic attacks from hackers and scammers, so this series will not deal with them. Those that do (allow or require the user to enter or select data) will have been handled with the demonstration model.



For the Demonstration Model, it has been decided to use Visual Basic Script (VBS) in Active Server Pages (ASP) with Access Databases.


The concepts and techniques could easily be used with any of the Web Processing Languages and other Databases.