Several folks have asked me to show / tell them how to create a web site in a few simple steps. They have said that they do not want to become instant experts, just able to do a few simple things. About half want to do it for their business and the other half want to create a site that tells anyone, that wants to look, about their family, its members, interests, ancestors etc.


I have started a labour of love, it is creating an online training package that teaches folk all about Web Sites, their Creation and Management. It is by no means complete, in fact barely started, at the moment. The navigation in it is elementary and incomplete at the moment. Eventually, there will be well over a thousand pages - around one hundred hours training. It will really cover everything !!


It is into that package that I have chosen to put a few pages about creating a simple web site. They are in a section called A Quick Start. The remainder of the package will slowly progress to completion. Please don't moan about the state of the remainder - constructive criticism would be happily received.


Follow this link to the package. You will be able to look at the structure by clicking on the "view free pages" button - BUT - to see the real Quick Start pages, you will need to register (it is free and your details will not be disclosed to any one other than me). By the way, the "Forgotten Password" facility does not work yet !! If you do forget, simply re-register!