Lots of folks in the UK use AOL, usually because they provide very competitive connection packages, often costing much less that BT.

Many sophisticated Web Sites use features such as Pop Up windows and Cookies. AOL does not always deal with these features very well.

There are sites which abuse Pop Up windows and Cookies and I am in no way condoning such sites - in fact they really get under my skin and make me really mad !!

In mainstream Browsers, it is possible to generally block Pop Ups and Cookies BUT to allow them for Web Sites that you trust. As far as I am aware, AOL does not give you these choices.

To get the benefits of low cost connections AND mainstream Browsers, you can follow the following steps (they work for lots of folks):-

Hopefully this will help you to get much more out of the Internet !!

I guess that the next problem you will have will be persuading your browser to allow Cookies and Pop Ups. The effort should be well justified by the improved viewing of Web Pages.

The "Byers Writings" pages do not use cookies

following the following two links will explain all that you need to know about Cookies

- read all about them at www.aboutcookies.org

Session Cookies - read all about them at Session Cookies